We offer one-on-one walking adventures with your pooch; either half an hour or an hour depending on your pooch's needs.

Prices for regular walkies are $35 for a half hour adventure or; $60 for an hour's adventure. There’s no extra charge for walking two pooches at once, unless they’re so bouncy they need two humans for a happy and safe walk.

If you have a one-off need for walkies while you recover from a temporary injury for example, or have a house-sitter that can't walk your pooches when you're away, just get in touch and we'll fit you in if we can.  Our prices for casual walkies are $40 and $70.

If you have more than two pooches, have a chat with us and we can work out a price for both of us to come out and make sure all your pooches get the care they need.  Sorry, we don't walk cats, rabbits or guinea pigs.

We'll always meet with you and your pooch before we start walking to make sure you’re comfortable with us, and to give your pooch a chance to give us a paws-up.


Learning to behave

We offer one-on-one basic behaviour training in hourly or half hourly sessions as required. We use positive motivational training techniques (no force, no fear, no pain!) and can help you to teach your pooch what's required to become a calm and happy lifetime companion.

More complicated behavioural or anxiety issues might need the help of a trained animal behaviourist, and we can recommend some options if this is the case.

We don't offer pet-sitting services but can put you in touch with some excellent pet-sitting services.

puppy visits

If you have a puppy that you're crate training, or that just needs a wee break in the middle of the day while you're at work, we're happy to visit to spend some time with your pup to help relieve the stress. This also goes for older pooches who've had surgery and need to be confined while they recover.